Pendaftaran Rekanan PT SIER (Periode Juni 2021)

PT SIER Parter Registration (June 2021 Period)

01 June – 08 June 2021


PT SIER goods and services provider partner registration announcement (June 2021 Period)

01 June – 22 June 2021


Goods and services provider regist at


1. Deef of Incorporation and Amandement

2. NIB (Business License Number)

3. SIUP (Trading Business license)

4. SIUJK (Construction Service Business License)

5. SBU (Business Entity Letter)

6. NPWP and SPPKP (Taxable Entrepreneur Confirmation Letter)

7. Company Domicile Certificate

8. Proof of Contract within 5 years (minimum 1 contract)

9. Other related legalities

10. Director Residential Identity Card

11. Payee Account Number

12. Other requirements

09 June – 09 July 2021


PT SIER procurement will clarivy and evaluate the company’s legality documents that have been uploaded by prospective goods and services provider

12 July – 30 July 2021


After all documents have been verified, a partner registration certificate (TDR) will be further informed by PT SIER

*free registration

The correspondence address from PT SIER for prospective providers is only