Donor Darah dan Plasma Konvalesen dalam Rangka HUT RI 76

PT SIER held a blood donation and convalescent plasma screening on Tuesday, August 31, 2021. This event is one of the 76th Indonesian Independent Day celebration event series which was held in the Wisma SIER area, opened to the public and internal.

“This morning we donated convalescent plasma. I would like to thank all the committee, especially PT SIER. I hope more people will donate convalescent plasma and this is our way to send a spirit of life to Covid-19 patients”, said Ari Sutarwijono, Head of DPRD Surabaya City in Wisma SIER on Tuesday (31/8).

“Thanks to all of PT SIER Board of Directors and Head of KADIN Surabaya City, Mr. Andi Matalitti, Surabaya Red Cross blessed for this event. It is a kind of cooperation, we are together to solve this pandemic problem in Surabaya City. Hopefully, this would be a good example for other companies to hold this kind of event so that this pandemic will get over”, said Ir. Tri Siswanto, MM. as vice chairman of Surabaya Red Cross.